Free throw excelling in university women's basketball


Postgraduate A.A. Lozovoy1
Dr.Hab., Professor V.V. Ponomarev1
Associate Professor, PhD E.N. Konopleva2
1Siberian State Technological University, Krasnoyarsk
2Siberian State Aerospace University named after academician M.F. Reshetnev, Blagoveshchensk

The relevant key national sport policy documents approved by the national government and President require at least 40-50% of the young population of the country being involved in mass sports by the year of 2020. Top priority will be given to active sporting culture being fostered in university students based on modern educational models designed to shape up more determined attitudes to the academic Physical Culture discipline and to set facilitating conditions for the individual mental and physical resource being fully mobilized to help the young people develop their sporting/ health agendas for success in their professional careers and social activities.
However diverse the general and special university sport technologies and disciplines may be within the academic physical education process, there are still many educational problems as far as specific aspects of the process are concerned – including tactical, psychological, special physical, technical aspects etc. An objective of the study was to provide a theoretical and practical basis for a programmatic training method to help the women basketball players of technical university team excel their free throw performance skills with the method efficiency being verified by the relevant tests and experiments.
The authors have developed the following: new free throw skills excelling technology in application to the women basketball players of technical university; programmatic training method to help the students excel their free throw performance skills; and the free throw performance skills diagnostics, control and correction tools.

Keywords: female university students, physical education, basketball, free throw, throw excelling, fitness, technical conditioning.


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