Training tools sequencing over annual sambo training cycle


Postgraduate E.M. Nasyrova
Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism (GTSOLIFK), Moscow

The study provides a detailed account of the sambo wrestlers’ training workloads and training tools sequences over an annual training cycle broken down by the athletic training stages. An objective of the study was to analyze the training workload variations in different sport training stages to use the analytical data to improve the existing competitive sambo training systems. The study reports the model training process being designed as required by the competitive training calendar-year process scheduled for 52 weeks including 46-week training sessions at the sport school and 6-week sport camp workouts as pursuant to the individual competitive training schedules. Main modal and practical tools of the training process were the following: group/ individual practical workouts and theoretical education session; work under the individual competitive training schedules; training camps; participation in competitive events; instructions and refereeing practices; health rehabilitation/ medical procedures; and the test and control procedures.

Keywords: athletic training, federal standard, sambo, primary training stage, sport skills excelling stage, sport excellence stage.


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