Formation of interest in physical education and sports classes in Udmurt student community via media


Postgraduate student M.S. Razenkov
Udmurt State University, Izhevsk

The paper is devoted to the issues of promotion of physical culture and sport among students of the Udmurt Republic, possible ways to effectively engage and inform the student community about healthy lifestyle. The characteristic features of media, as a modern and important institution, which is of remarkable importance in the modern world, were analyzed. It was noted necessary to carry out a scientific research due to little coverage of the issues of promotion of physical culture and sport in mass media of Udmurtia.
Today it is necessary to support the state and public capacity using mass sport and health systems in protection and strengthening of health of the student community. The media in promotion of physical culture and sport should clearly show the importance of physical culture and sport in the education of the population, prevention of diseases, bad habits, and other negative phenomena and enhance students' interest in physical perfection and disclosure of the value of physical culture.

Keywords: mass media, promotion of physical culture and sport, student community.


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