Features of Organizational Management of Russian Sport Federation of Physically Disabled (case of Russian Federation of sport for persons with physical impairments)


Ph.D., postgraduate G.Z. Idrisova
Dr.Hab., professor E.V. Kuz’micheva

Russian state university of physical culture, sport, youth and tourism (RGUFKSMiT), Moscow
The purpose of the study was to improve the organizational management of the Russian Federation of Sports for Persons with Physical Impairment. So we defined the following objectives: to determine the specific features and main problems of the organizational management of the Sports Federations for Disabled; to describe the organizational management of the Russian Federation of Sports for Persons with Physical Impairment and define the demands of athletes and trainers from the Paralympic National Teams of Russia for classifiers; to elaborate and justify measures on enhancement of the efficiency of the Federations of Sports for Persons with Physical Impairments in the classification of disabled athletes.
Adjustment of the organizational structure of management of the Federation of Sports for Persons with Physical Impairment (implication of the classifiers’ department) and formulation of documents that regulate the procedure of classification and training of classifiers in sports for people with physical impairments, was supposed to enhance the efficiency of the Federation of Sports for Persons with Physical Impairment (increase the number of athletes with granted sport grade of the national level and the number of classifiers that objectively determine athlete’s sport grade).

Keywords: management of Sport Federation, Sport Federation for Disabled, adaptive sport, sport for physical impairment persons, functional classification.


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