New Approaches to Organization of Training Process of Female Teenagers Aged 12-14 Years Engaged in Sports Aerobics



L.D. Nazarenko
professor, Dr.Hab.
L.V. Razumova
Ulyanovsk state pedagogical university named after I.N. Ul'yanov, Ulyanovsk

Key words: thinking, technical skills, methodology, educational experiment.
Thinking is one of the leading cognitive processes, ensuring establishment of relations between different types of human motor activity.
The purpose of the study was theoretical and methodological substantiation of the necessity of formation of thinking via sports aerobics as a condition of increase of effectiveness of the training process.
According to the results of the educational experiment, the targeted development of creative thinking among adolescent girls aged 12-14 years ensures consistency of intellectual and motor activities, assists in all-round development, creates the conditions for involvement in team work on physical and intellectual development using sports aerobics, improvement of performance of different types of thinking. The proposed approach to the organization of the training process generates a strong interest in selected sports activity, makes it possible to see real results of improvement of the ability to think independently, analyze results of sports activity, test effectiveness of different methods of self-improvement by means of sports aerobics.


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