The Peculiarities of Teaching Sports Swimming Techniques to Physical Culture University Students



V.V. Belkin
Yu.V. Streletskaya
associate professor, Ph.D.
O.I. Tkacheva
D.V. Semenov
Velikie Luki state academy of physical culture and sport, Velikie Luki

Key words: physical loading, training microcycle, consideration of sports specialization, effectiveness of teaching.
The purpose of the study was scientific substantiation of the methodology of improvement of efficiency of mastering swimming technique and development of physical qualities in students of different sports specializations of the university of physical culture based on the consideration of total physical loadings in sport-pedagogical disciplines.
The experimental approach to planning of the plan of teaching sports swimming techniques, load distribution at the lesson and in a microcycle, selection of methods of teaching elements of swimming technique has provided acquiring quality skills by all the involved, having ensured significant (p < 0.05 ) improvement of sports and technical results in swimming and in general in mastering the classroom discipline. This fact confirmed the correctness of the assumption that has been made at the beginning of the research about the capacity of enhancing development of swimming technique and physical qualities of students of various sports specializations of the university of physical culture in view of total physical loadings in sports-pedagogical disciplines.


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