Development of Individuality as a Factor of Growth of Boxer's Sportsmanship

Development of Individuality as a Factor of Growth of Boxer's Sportsmanship


Yu.M. Aleksandrov
Ulyanovsk state pedagogical university named after I.N. Ul'yanov, Ulyanovsk

Key words: boxing, qualified boxers, individuality enhancement, structural content, evaluation criteria, educational experiment.
Qualified boxer's motor actions are characterized by high lability, specific rhythm, significant amplitude and frequency of movements. Boxing professionals have specific visual response ensuring effective choosing of the methods of performance of attacking and defensive techniques. Individuality of manifested when the details of techniques used by athletes . Individuality of a single combat wrestler is displayed when performing technical details applied by athletes. Boxer's individuality is most pronounced in arm position in the major boxing stance, the ratio of spatial-temporal and spatial-power parameters of movements when changing distance, changing from a false motor act to aiming and attacking, etc.
The purpose of the study was theoretical and methodological rationale of the development and improvement of specificity of boxer's motor activity as a condition for the growth of his sports skills.
Proceeding from the results of the educational experiment individuality manifestation is an important indicator of boxer's sports skills. Individuality has a complex structural content and involves many components. Development and improvement of individuality of qualified boxers with the focus on its components contributes to the growth of their sports skills, fulfillment of abilities, requests, interests; involves the collaborative creative process of sports training.


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