Characteristic of Technical Skills of Football Players Aged 16-17 in Respect to Analysis of Competitive Activity of Masters' Teams



V.M. Shulyat'ev
professor, Dr.Hab.
A.D. Dugbley
Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow

Key words: pedagogical testing, structure, technical training structure, requirements to the level of technical skills of young football players, quality level of technical skills, control of technical component of young football players.
The pedagogical monitoring of training of junior athletes provides trainers with necessary information on the level of development of leading quality for a certain sport. Testing of athlete's motor skills is a priority direction in the activity of sports experts at the phase of monitoring of technical-tactical mastery of football players.
Success of trainer's managerial decisions depends largely on the quality of data collection, concerning the results of training activity and the status of athletes. In football phased control of technical skills ensures adequate assessment of the effectiveness of the training process in the course of the year training cycle of young football players.
The purpose of the present study was to identify the level of technical skills of players aged 16-17 years with regard to competitive activity of the masters' teams.
The testing revealed the lack of specialization in their playing position among players.


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