Changes in Heart Pump Function Indices of Figure Skaters in Annual Muscle Training Cycle



A.R. Mad'yarov, associate professor, Ph.D.
I.Kh. Vakhitov, professor, Dr.Biol.
S.S. Chinkin, associate professor, Ph.D.
A.V. Ul'yanova, candidate
Kazan State Academy of Veterinary Medicine named after N.E. Bauman, Kazan

Key words: heart pump function indices, figure skaters, annual cycle, first and reserve teams.
In individual sports (gymnastics, figure skating, swimming etc.) children start training intensively at an early age. So, early introduction of children into sports activities is common in modern sport. Long-term sports training presupposes regular muscle training throughout the year. However, particular changes in heart functional indices in an annual training cycle have not been fully clarified.
The purpose of the research was to study the indices of heart rate and stroke volume in the annual training cycle in girls from the first and reserve teams, engaged in synchronized figure skating.
The changes in heart rate of athletes from the first team were proved to be insignificant in the pre-season and competitive periods, but were more pronounced among those from the reserve team.


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