Some Medicobiological Aspects of Transition to GTO Standards in Comprehensive Schools



O.S. Kogan
Professor, Dr.Med.
Ufa state university of economy and service, Ufa

Currently, secondary schools are returning to the GTO complex tests, which used to be a great program of physical training of all people of the country, attracting large numbers of people to physical exercises. According to media reports, to date, more than 60% of young people are ready for the tests against GTO standards.
The return to testing of children and adolescents against GTO (Ready for Labour and Defense) standards in educational institutions causes both certain optimism and concern. The authors believe that the given transition to educational programs on physical education should be carried out with the obligatory involvement of doctors in sports medicine. Particular attention should be paid to the indications and contraindications for these classes, stipulation of types of medical supervision throughout the period of training sessions and during testing.

Keywords: health deterioration, sports medicine, GTO (Ready for Labour and Defense) standards.


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