Sociopedagogical aspects of formation of applied self-defense skills in students during physical education classes in higher school



V.V. Ponomarev1, 4, A.V. Jatskowski2, 4, V.V. Zotin2, 4, D.V. Loginov2, 4, S.A. Doroshenko3, 5
1 Dr.Hab., professor
2 Postgraduate
3 Ph.D., associate professor
4 Siberian State Technological University, Krasnoyarsk
5 Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk

Formation of applied self-defense skills in female university students can be a factor which systemizes the entire teaching process intended to form applied physical culture of university students. Applied self-defense skills of female university students include the following psychological and pedagogical components:
1. Educational - implying knowledge of means, methods and principles of applied physical training and the ability to use it to promote health, to further improve applied physical fitness and encourage mental performance.
2. Motivational-value - implying the focus of an individual on the active development of the values of applied physical culture and use of them in work and leisure and the steady demand for applied physical exercises.
3. Practical-active - implying the involvement of an individual in various applied physical culture and sports events. Applied physical fitness of students helps activate physical and mental performance, improve applied professional motor skills and abilities to form physical health of future specialists. Thanks to using this approach in physical education of female university students, which is based on the design of applied physical exercises, particularly aimed at the development of applied self-defense skills, the process and content of physical education of today’s students can be actualized and made more professionally-oriented and needed in vocational training.

Keywords: physical education, physical training, formation of applied self-defense skills, resistance to aggression, sociopedagogical aspects, university students.


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