Recreational and health services for child population (case study of Moscow region)



P.M. Naumov3, 1, E.V. Kolotova3, 2
1 Postgraduate
2 Associate professor
3 Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism (GTsOLIFK), Moscow

The purpose of the study was to conduct a social study of the organization of recreational and health services for children using the example of the Moscow region. Statistics shows obvious trouble in the organization of children's health recreation in the region, due to both the reduction of children's specialized recreational facilities compared to the Soviet period by 12.5 times, along with the overall growth of the child population, as well as qualitative changes in the system itself. The weaknesses of children's recreation detected included sharp deterioration in the physical health of children; spiritual health of the younger generation; change for the worse of background knowledge and changes in the value criteria in children. In order to quickly renew and develop the children's recreational activities it is offered to take some measures, incluidng inventory of previously allocated areas for children's health institutions; restoration and development of country preschool recreation; restoration and expansion of the network of stationary children's health camps to 1,600 or more; organization of summer mobile tent sports and eco camps for schoolchildren; increase of the number of children's health centers; opening of children's rehabilitation centers not only for persons with childhood diabilities, but also for the follow-up care of children who had serious disease, etc.

Keywords: reproduction of healthy population, country recreation for children, summer residence of kindergarten, children's health camp, recreational orientation, summer school camp, Moscow region.


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