Research and Methodological Work of Teacher Training Institute of Physical Culture and Sport of MSTTU


V.G. Nikitushkin, professor, Dr.Hab.

Teacher training institute of physical culture and sport of MSTTU, Moscow

Key words: research work, sports training, fitness technologies, schoolchildren and athletes.

The staff that has been formed for 15 years of work in the Teacher training institute of physical culture and sport of MSTTU is being actively involved in the research and methodological work. The problems solved in the institute included development of education in physical culture and sport within the state educational standards of the new generation. The methodological component was also developed, intended to make the educational process more efficient. Teaching the theory and methodology of physical culture and technologies of physical education as applied to various types and educational structures were improved along with the theory and methodology of sports training, introduction of information technologies in the educational  process of students and fitness technologies in the system of physical education of children and youth.

The purpose of the study was to analyze the problems of organization and conducting of research and methodological work of the institute's staff for the last five years and formation of the research school named "Theory and methodology of youth sport".

Results of the study. The amount of articles published by the staff of the institute reached 547 only for the last five years, including 108 publications in the journals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission, as well as 44 study guides, 16 textbooks, 13 of them classified by the Board of Educational Methodological Association, and 13 monographs. The staff took part in 24 international, 8 Russian and 30 Moscow conferences.

The following text books and monographs have been published for the last five years: by V.G. Nikitushkin (“Individual training of young athletes”, “Theory and methodology of youth sport”, “Long-term training of young athletes”, “Integrated control of young athletes”), by V.A. Rodionov (“Combined activity of teachers and students in the teaching process”, “Stress management, or Working practices of prophylaxis and stress coping”, “Psychology of children and youth sport”), by G.N. Germanov (“Track and field athletics in school”, “Russian folk game lapta”).

These papers, as well as others written by teachers of the institute, became the basis for master’s programs.

There are several scientific schools in the Teacher training institute of physical culture and sport and they are headed by Doctors of Education, professors V.A. Rodionov, winner of RF Government Prize in Education, and V.G. Nikitushkin, Honorary Figure of physical culture in the Russian Federation. We have to point out high efficiency of scientific research in the scientific school of professor V.S. Belyaev, Doctor of Biological Sciences.

The main direction of V.A. Rodionov’s school is psychophysiological aspect of personality development and socialization, youth sport psychology. And the main direction of

V.G. Nikitushkin’s school is scientific methodological basis of development and improvement of physical culture in preschool facilities, schools and institutions of higher education as well as theory and methodology of sport training, specifically in youth sports.

The common goal for both schools is development of children and youth sport in our country, both schools represent an important branch of modern sport science. The authors’ works contain principles and the concept of young athlete’s individualized training, methodological basis of training load planning within the long-term training of young athletes, with the defined structure of such training. Textbooks and study guides specify the particular qualities of psychological follow-up of young athletes’ training process, show ways of working in dyads “athlete – trainer”, “athlete – psychologist”, “psychologist - trainer”, as well as “trainer and psychologist – young athlete’s parents”. It should be pointed out that the textbook “Children and youth sport psychology” was the first one in the country, dedicated to this pressing topic.

Youth sport in our country becomes a more important social factor in the personality growth process. It is typical for teenagers to have thriving self-awareness, determination to develop valued personal qualities (strong will, moral and physical qualities). Sport appears to be the most effective way for schoolchildren to develop such qualities.

Today we can already speak about a new section in the theory of sport which is the theory and methodology of youth sport, i.e. the body of knowledge about the main content, forms and terms of sport training of children, youngsters, boys and girls, about the most significant and common for different sports regularities of the present teaching process.

The perspective directions of further research work of the institute staff and scientific schools are as follows:

- succession of physical culture in preschool educational institutions and primary school;

- fitness technologies in the system of physical education of children and young students;

- innovative technologies of physical education of the rising generation due to individualization and orientation to groups of sports;

- scientific basis of organization and content of training of sports reserve;

- system of evaluation criteria of progress in studies within FSES;

- the problem of formation of junior athlete's personality;

- allocation of standards of allowed training loadings for schoolchildren;

- study of age-related medicobiological and psychological aspects of youth sport

Conclusion. Research and development of these problems will help to make a worthy contribution to the development of the basic and additional education in Moscow. We believe that during the next years Teacher training institute of physical culture and sport of MSPU will be one of the leading scientific and educational centers in the field of physical culture and sport in Russia.



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