Tekball in the physical education of university students


Dr. Hab., Professor T.V. Skoblikova
Southwest State University, Kursk

Keywords: physical education, students, techball, software and methodological support, theoretical and practical aspects.

Introduction. The priority of increasing the importance of motor activity in the youth environment, the introduction of innovative scientific and sports projects in the higher education system determines the strengthening of the health of the nation [1, 3]. Students prefer to choose new types of motor activity. In this regard, the inclusion of techball in the educational process at a higher educational institution, as a new type of physical culture and sports orientation, is relevant.
The purpose of the study is to scientifically substantiate the program and methodological content of students' techball classes in a university setting.
Methodology and organization of the study. Based on the conducted theoretical research and preliminary approbation of techball among students, a program and methodological support of students' classes in techball in the process of physical education at the university was developed. The program is designed for 144 hours, contains theoretical, methodological and practical material, the structure and content of practical classes and a control section. It is included as a section of the discipline "New physical culture and sports" in the block "Elective disciplines in physical culture and sports".
The results of the study and their discussion. According to the results of the study, it was revealed that the student youth prefers new directions of physical culture and sports activities. For the long-term development of young people, improving their health and quality of life, it is important to use techball in the process of physical education in educational institutions of higher education. The study substantiates the organizational and pedagogical conditions for designing techball classes in the process of physical education of university students. A model of introducing techball into the practice of physical education of students at the university has been developed. The algorithm of the stages of mastering this sport is determined, control and regulatory tests are formed. Methodological developments have been developed, including theoretical, methodological and practical recommendations and ensuring the preservation of the integrity, completeness of the educational process, its purposefulness and effectiveness [2]. In general, the organic inclusion of the new sport of techball in the system of physical education of modern students is presented.
Conclusion. The developed scientifically-based software and methodological support of students' techball classes in the conditions of a higher educational institution is an extension of the possibilities of using new sports in the educational process.


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