Theory and methods of basic mental gymnastics (basic body mind gymnastic – bbm-gym)

Theory and methods of basic mental gymnastics (basic body mind gymnastic – bbm-gym)


PhD, Professor T.S. Lisitskaya 1
PhD, Associate Professor S.I. Kuvshinikova1
1Russian University Sport (SCOLIPE), Moscow

Keywords: state, idleness, physical age, quality, mental gymnastics, relaxation.

Introduction. With age, performing purely mechanical movements in physical education classes in fitness clubs, studios, independently, such as jogging, nordic walking, strength training, gyms and other physical exercises in old age often does not relieve, does not fill the existential vacuum of a person. Psychiatrists use a peculiar term to define the state of boredom, dissatisfaction, unwillingness to do anything – "painful idleness". The problem of boredom is very important for older people, since it is even more difficult for them to fill with meaning the excess of time that many people have after retirement. The reason for the development of "painful idleness" is due to both purely biological and socio-psychological factors.
BBM-GYM gymnastics (basic mental gymnastics) is based on constant awareness of movement, connecting mental activity to motor activity. The more active pensioners and elderly people are, the more they set tasks of self-awareness and brain training in unity with body training, the longer they retain intelligence and memory.
The purpose of the study is to experimentally substantiate the effectiveness of the use of BBM–GYM gymnastics to maintain physical and mental health for older people.
Methodology and organization of the study. The experiment was conducted on the basis of Moscow fitness clubs in group classes, as well as using the author's "50+" video programs for home classes (especially during the pandemic). In the course of the study, a questionnaire (SAN) was conducted, testing of physical qualities. Persons with a stable condition and the absence of pathological changes from the cardiovascular system were admitted to the class.
The experimental set of exercises of the BBM-GYM gymnastics program was aimed at mastering the coordination activity of muscles, as well as at conscious control of them.
The developed program was put into practice and presented on the Internet, published in a number of articles and books, included in the TV program "Live" – the program "50+".
The results of the study and their discussion. BBM-GYM classes allowed to improve and develop physical qualities, as well as a sense of balance in the organization of communication, introspection.
An important point in the developed program was positive thinking. The relaxation section was designed for this. Autosuggestion is especially effective when verbal signals are accompanied by imaginative representations. For example, if we say in a state of relaxation: "The heart beats smoothly and rhythmically," then it is desirable to imagine how the heart is located, how it looks, as if from the side of the reflection in the mirror you saw your heart. It is better to pronounce words at a slow pace, one word is pronounced when inhaling, another when exhaling.
Performing gymnastics according to the proposed method, you should encourage yourself, but self-approval does not mean that you have forgotten about your own shortcomings. Even a small victory when you have done the exercise correctly – do not forget to mentally praise yourself for this. Self-approval is important not only for the development of our proposed program, but it will also indirectly influence behavior in various life situations, in particular, it concerns the attitude to one's appearance. You will gain the ability not to waste time worrying about tomorrow and yesterday, the ability to find pleasure in a variety of activities, including work, meeting friends, recreation, etc. To do such gymnastics, motivation is necessary. The positive results of these exercises are the maintenance of a motivational level.
Another reason for the midlife crisis is a decrease in external attractiveness. In men, the appearance of a "beer tummy", deformity of the figure in women, especially after childbirth, the appearance of wrinkles, gray hair and other age-related troubles. This can lead to a painful loss of Self. It is necessary to treat this problem philosophically. It is necessary to revise the previous lifestyle, reprogram yourself, adjust life goals and objectives, maintain a high level of energy and mental activity.
Interestingly, each group of human muscles reacts mainly to a certain functional state. The depressive state is accompanied by tension of the respiratory muscles.
Conclusion. Mental fitness allows you to regulate your mental state, is a natural "tranquilizer" – an excellent anti-stress remedy. The developed program in combination with other types of motor activity, proper nutrition and a friendly perception of reality, the whole world around us allows us to achieve effective and stable results.


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