Dynamics of hearing-motor reaction time of female students involved in sports games


V.S. Milashechkin
Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow

Keywords: auditory motor reaction, sports games, students.

Introduction. Sports games are especially popular among students. Moreover, many students can engage in sports games not only for the purpose of realizing their functional needs, solving health and psycho-emotional tasks. A modern student wants to study professionally and actively participate in educational activities. Successful technical and tactical actions of athletes in sports games depend on the speed of decision-making in various game situations [1]. Sensorimotor reactions, depending on the physiological characteristics of processes in the central nervous system (CNS), play an important role in sports and gaming activities. Psychomotor reactions are also of great importance in the daily life of a person, while reflecting the functional capabilities of the central nervous system of the body [2].
The purpose of the study is to assess the dynamics of the auditory motor reaction of students engaged in sports and educational institutions of game sports of higher educational institutions.
Methodology and organization of the study. Students of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia took part in the study. Female students of the sports department engaged in sports games (mini-football, volleyball) made up the experimental group (N=22); female students of the educational department engaged in volleyball and mini-football made up the control group (N=39). The study was conducted on the NGO"Sports psychophysiologist".
Research results and their discussion. In the field of assessing the dynamics of the reaction rate of female students to a sound stimulus in five consecutive attempts with an insignificant time interval, lower values of the reaction time to a sound stimulus were revealed in female students of the sports department compared with female students engaged in training classes in all five attempts. The reaction rate to the first signal in the female students of the sports department was 17.38% higher than in the female students of the training sessions. Further dynamics remained rather in favor of the students of the sports department: the second signal – by 3.91%, the third – by 7.28%, the fourth – by 18.16%, the fifth – by 5.42%. The high difference in the indicators for the first signal and the constancy of the high reaction rate to a sound stimulus in female students engaged in the sports department is due to the stability of psychophysiological parameters to the sharply changing conditions of the gaming environment.
Conclusion. Female students engaged in sports departments have a faster reaction to sound stimuli than female students of educational classes in game sports. Classes in sports departments increase the stability of psychophysiological reactions and increase the reserve capabilities of the central nervous system of the female students.


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