Creating Healthy Future!


V.I. Trukhachev, rector, professor,,, member-correspondent of RAACS, Honored worker of science Russia
Stavropol state agrarian university, Stavropol

Key words: healthy way of life, university priority, megareconstruction, international standards, optimization of physical training and sports activity.

Stavropol state agrarian university is the largest, multidisciplinary, innovation university in Russia, the center of fundamental and applied scientific researches, the one and only in the country twice recipient of the State Prize of the Russian Federation in quality and deserves to be called the sports power of the Stavropol region.

Healthy way of life in our university is really a special priority. The university originally has a strong and wonderful tradition to combine sport, labor and studies. And by now all big sports achievements among students of the territory belong to this very university.

The pride of the university are honored masters of sport, master of sports of international class, prize-winners and winners of Olympic Games, European and World Cups. For 13 years of the new millennium the staff of the Department of Physical Education and Sport have trained: 5 honored masters of sport, 12 masters of sports of international class, 82 masters of sports of Russia, 209 candidates for master of sport and over 2000 athletes of the I sports category, over 7000 athletes of mass categories, 17 winners and prize-winners of international competitions; 76 - Russian, 165 - South of Russia, 382 – the Stavropol Territory.

The names of our famous students are inscribed with golden letters in the annals of the world sport: Yevgeny Pisarev, Andrey Pavlenko, David Bejanyan, masters of sport of international class in weightlifting; Cyril Tsybizov, honored master of sports in athletics; Maria Abakumova, honored master of sport in athletics in javelin throwing, Angelica Soldatkina, honored master of sport in acrobatics, Sergey Nikitin, master of sport in boxing; Eugenia Kuznetsova, honored master of sport in diving.

But, speaking about the path of Stavropol SAU to these sports victories, we can not say that the main motto of our team is to work, and always strive to be a leader, and not only in sports. Work is definitely creation of all that would be a material and technical base, the foundation for future sports victories. This is trainings of athletes under the guidance of prominent trainers and educators, it is sports innovations - system studies, the introduction of author’s methodologies and developments. It is the desire of all students (18 500 people) and a huge university staff to be healthy, physically fit, and hence successful, demanded experts and happy people.

There are all conditions in the university for sports occupations and promotion of health of students, faculty and staff. An absolute advantage is that all the objects of physical culture and sport are in the operational management of the university. And the material-technical base is being constantly upgraded and improved.

A significant event occurred on May 23, 2013 in StSAU - the torch relay of the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013 was started. Stavropol State Agrarian University was a partner of the Relay in the region. And then the Universiade "in miniature" - sports streetball contests, beach volleyball, chess, table tennis, weightlifting and kettlebell lifting, was started.

During the ceremony, two-time champion of the Universiade-1985 in 800 meter running and 4x400 m relay race, master of sport of the USSR of international class in athletics Nadezhda Loboyko passed the torch to Catherine Voytysheva, a student of Accounting and Finance Department of StSAU, head of the volunteer group "Tolk", which will represent the Stavropol region on the Universiade 2013 and the Olympics 2014. The column of runners with the fire of the Universiade overcame the distance of 3600 m, running through the central streets of Stavropol. At the end of the torch relay Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan Talgat Tagirzyanov passed the torch of the Universiade to the rector of StSAU, now the legendary torch will be kept in the University museum.

And the gold on the XXVII World Summer Universiade in Kazan was not long in coming. Yevgeny Kuznetsov - silver medalist in London Olympics - won the first gold medal for the Russian team by winning in three-meter diving. Our student showed the final result of 496.15 points, beating the second Chinese Lin Jing (488.90). A few days later Maria Abakumova won in the javelin throwing contest with the result of 65,12 m. But these are not all the achievements of athletes of Stavropol State Agrarian University. On the seventh day of the Universiade two more medals won by students StSAU were added to the collection of the Russian team. Having brilliantly performed in synchronized three-meter diving, Yevgeny Kuznetsov paired with Ilya Zakharov won a convincing victory. And European champion, world record holder in weightlifting David Bejanyan left no chance to his rivals and won the gold medal of the Universiade.

The factor of high coherence of the university staff and students was confirmed once again, outstanding innovative orientation of both of them to everything that can optimize the university sports activity.

We invest in sport 15-20 million per year and believe that this is not enough. But if other Stavropol universities followed our example, then there would have been more Stavropol residents at the Universiade. 100 athletes of our university get two additional scholarships monthly and decent living conditions and travel allowances are provided for them at competitions.

Due to the originally inappropriate levels of health, physical development and physical fitness of young students according to the modern requirements, a variation component of the discipline "Physical culture" is being realized in the university in accordance with modern sports and fitness technologies. Teachers have an opportunity to determine the content of educational studies independently, taking into account students' interests and needs in the optimal way. Health level and physical fitness are being improved with the help of fitness aerobics, fitness yoga, power trainings in a gym, pilates, callanetics, adaptive horseback riding in a school of equestrian sports on the faculty of technological management, possessing over 30 horses of various breed: Thoroughbred, Arabian, Trakehner, Akhal-Teke, Budyonny. The range of variations of classes with a sometimes unique effect on the body, is to be extended in the future. Due to the decrease of the integral index of public health we simply cannot treat the problem otherwise.

We have no doubt that thanks to the establishment of great sports facilities, a great desire to improve the entire university team of students of Stavropol State Agrarian University, who are distinguished by the high level of optimism, self-confidence, will keep striving to be healthy and successful and continue to please everybody with their new victories, occupying worthy places on the world sports Olympus!

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