Correlated exercise set to build striking skills in junior thai boxers


PhD, Associate Professor M.B. Salamatov1
PhD, Associate Professor M.Y. Stepanov2
PhD, Professor A.N. Sharipov3
1Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE), Moscow
2Tchaikovsky State Academy of Physical Culture and Sports, Tchaikovsky, Perm Territory
3Perm Military Institute of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation, Perm

Objective of the study was to analyze benefits of a correlated test exercise set to facilitate and rate progress of striking skills in junior Thai boxers.
Methods and structure of the study. We sampled for the study the 12-13 year-old Thai boxing qualifiers (n=15) of the Perm Territory team who were tested during trainings in the period of 02.03,2019 to 02.24.2019. The correlated test exercise set included the following four modules: (1) Striking power building and test module; (2) General physical fitness building and test module; (3) Special physical fitness building and test module; and (4) Special striking aspects building and test module. Thai boxing training systems give a special priority to correlated exercises and tests to facilitate and rate progress in striking skills. Such special exercises should develop the key muscle groups for success in competitions by stress close or above the competitive one.

Keywords: dynamic characteristics of striking skills of Thai boxers, Smart Power Test Trainer, strike test rates correlation with physical fitness indices.


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