Psycho-physiological control test model for kickboxing sport


Dr.Hab., Professor S.I. Belykh1
Dr.Hab., Professor K.M. Georgijovych1
Postgraduate student O.S. Oleinik1
1Donetsk National University, Ukraine, Donetsk

Objective of the study was to draft a psychophysical control test model for kickboxing and analyze the motor skills building process.
Methods and structure of the study. The key goal of the psychophysical control test model was to profile the psychophysical control progress by the simultaneous tests of the mental controls including the attention control, memorizing, decision-making and functional stress coping qualities tests in the training process.
Results and conclusion. The psychophysical control test model was found beneficial, particularly in the data flow processing and analyzing domains using the simple/ complex visual-motor response, flash distinguishing threshold, attention control, short- and long-term memorizing skills, decision-making and functional stress tests.

Keywords: psychophysical control method, body functionality state, psychophysiology, kickboxers


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