50th anniversary of higher physical education in Vladimir Region: past and present

PhD, Professor A.V. Gadalov1
PhD, Professor L.V. Loginov1
Dr.Biol., Associate Professor T.E. Batotsyrenova1
1Vladimir State University named after Alexander Grigoryevich and Nikolai Grigoryevich Stoletov (VlSU), Vladimir

Objective of the study was to analyze the processes of formation, development, and current state of higher physical education in the Vladimir region.
Methods and structure of the study. The study included an analysis of the scientific and methodological literature, Internet resources, and archive materials.
Results and conclusion. The Department of Physical Education of the Vladimir State Pedagogical Institute named after P.I. Lebedev-Polyansky was formed in September 1971. On its basis, the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of the Vladimir State University of Alexander and Nikolay Stoletov was formed in 2011. A great contribution to the development of the Department and the Institute was made in different years by the renowned scientists and recognized specialists in the field of physical education and sports: A.A. Sablin, Y.N. Chusov, V.I. Basakin, N.V. Petrukhin, L.N. Igoshina, S.F. Grinevich, L.V. Loginov et al.
It is shown that within the past 50 years, the Institute of Physical Culture and Sports of the Vladimir State University became a center of sports, educational, and scientific-methodological activities in this area. The Institute provides training of specialists for the region, both through bachelor’s, master’s, postgraduate, and advanced training and retraining courses. The Institute has the Center for Student Health Promotion, which carries out researches. The university maintains scientific, educational, and sports contacts with many Russian and foreign organizations. The students of the Institute successfully perform in competitions at various levels in different sports, continuing the traditions of their predecessors.

Keywords: higher education, physical education, sports, students, athletes, achievements, Vladimir region.


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