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Theory and Practice of Physical Culture № 7 2021


 Theory and Practice of Physical Culture № 7 2021


S.V. Nopin, Y.V. Koryagina, G.N. Ter-Akopov, S.M. AbutalimovaWeightlifting clean-and-jerk techniques: gender-specific biomechanics analysis
T.F. Abramova, A.I. Golovachev, T.M. Nikitina, A.V. PolfuntikovaWorkout intensity management standards for 6-7 year-old wrestlers
D.A. Kazakov, A.V. Romanova, M.V. Eremin, M.N. Komarov14-19 year-old basketball players’ age- and game-position-specific fitness variation analysis   
V.P. Guba, V.V. MarynichCustomized training service with health and fitness tests for cyclic sports elite in post-covid-19 rehabilitation period
A.V. Losev, V.Y. LosevVolleyball setting skills (second contact) trainings with practice targets
A.I. AlifirovChess sport and chess trainings related dissertations: research methods, key subjects and content analysis


O.G. Rysakova, I.V. Mikhaylova, E.D. Bakulina, V.A. BogdanovaAlpine skiing and snowboarding instructor’s motivations and social standing survey   
V.P. Kartashev, A.V. Goltsov, O.S. Ivanova, M.S. Semiryazhko Physical self imaging method to improve adaptability after severe physical injuries in sports
I.P. Grekhova, M.E. Guzich, N.P. Plekhanova First-year physical education masters’ career ambitions survey
S.I. Balandin, I.Y. Balandina, D.S. Zayko, I.V. Dmitriev, A.V. MaslennikovComparative analysis of main characteristics of technique of elite hurdlers (men and women)


R.V. Tambovtseva, Y.L. Voitenko, A.I. Laptev, E.V. PletnevaChanges in physiological indicators of anaerobic performance under normobaric hypoxic exposure
A.B. Petrov, A.N. Vyotosh, G.M. Lavrukhina, A.S. KotovaEffects of physical activity on acoustic somnological parameters of human body


Adam WilczewskiChanges in physical development, sexual maturity and physical fitness of girls from Southern Podlasie between years 1980 and 2015
Andrzej KlusiewiczEffects of inspiratory muscle strength on physiological response to exercise in elite rowers and healthy men
V.A. Kudinova, V.Y. Karpov, A.S. Boldov, N.N. MarininaMotor skills training model to improve school physical education service quality
E.A. Koipysheva, V.Y. Lebedinsky, A.V. Aldoshin, S.M. Struganov  – Changes in physical fitness rates of female students of non-core universities induced by various physical education technologies
O.I. Kuzmina, A.A. Akhmatgatin, O.A. Shvachun, A.G. GalimovaDistance learning in elective academic physical education disciplines: health tests and progress analyses   
V.N. Pushkina, E.Y. Fedorova, A.E. Stradze 7-8 year-olds’ gender group sensorimotor response tests and analysis
N.I. Sinyavsky, A.V. Fursov, S.M. ObukhovFederal health monitoring program: physical fitness test toolkit for public schools


L.A. Rapoport, E.V. Kharitonova, A.S. MarkovaMajor sports events: regional development catalyzing effects
S.N. Bratanovsky Federal physical education and sports development programs: conceptual basics


O.B. Podolyaka, A.E. PodolyakaApplication of respiratory gymnastics for students’ adaptation to studies