Sports pharmacy: concept definition and ontology

Doctor of science (Law), Professor I.V. Ponkin1
Doctor of science (Law), Deputy Chairman of the State Commercial Tribunal of Moscow Region, Professor A.A. Solovyev2, 3
PhD A.I. Redkina2
1Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow
2Kutafin Moscow State Law University, Moscow
3Moscow State Pedagogical University, Moscow

Objective of the study was to define the concept, subject, distinctive features of sports pharmacy and activities realized within its framework, as well as the legal status and functions of a sports pharmacist.
Methods and structure of the study. The article deals with such research methods as analysis, synthesis, legalistic approach, as well as the classification method, which was used to explore the content of the "sports pharmacy" concept, and the legal status, job description, and job specifics of a sports pharmacist, including the anti-doping support.
Results of the study and conclusions. An author’s definition of the concept of "sports pharmacy" was formulated. It covers the following activities: development and pursuance of experimental and clinical research; production, storage, and turnover, prescription and dispensation (in keeping with the anti-doping rules) of drugs and dietary food supplements administered by athletes and people engaged in physical education activities for various sports-related and sports-unrelated reasons; research-related activities, including the anti-doping support. It was concluded that there is a lack of proper regulation in the sphere of sports pharmacy and the legal status of a sports pharmacist. We examined the specifics of the legal status of a sports pharmacist, not currently defined as a physical education and sports specialist, even though sports pharmacy is potentially an important link in the implementation of the anti-doping measures in sports. It was noted that there are critical and ethical problems in the sports pharmacy sector related to the conflict between the right of a sports pharmacist to undertake practical pharmaceutical activities for the benefit of his patients rather than an employer (the sports organization management) and the responsibility of a sports pharmacist to an employer and his commitment to act in the best interests of a sports team, as well as the underestimation of the problem of pharmaceutical service fault in terms of the anti-doping support.

Keywords: sports, sports law, sports pharmacy, sports pharmacist, physical education and sports specialist, doping, anti-doping.


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