Chess sport as research and school subject

PhD, Associate Professor D.G. Shitov1
PhD, Associate Professor A.M. Ilyushin1
Dr.Med., Professor A.N. Onishchenko1
PhD, Associate Professor E.V. Kaminskaya1
1Saratov State Law Academy, Saratov

Objective of the study was to analyze the scientific data on chess sport to determine the possibilities of introducing a chess course as a compulsory school subject.
Methods and structure of the study. We analyzed the main approaches to chess training in mathematics, cybernetics, applied mathematics, practical mechanics, psychology, and sociology. Special attention in the article is given to the introduction of the chess course as a compulsory school subject for all schoolchildren.
Results and conclusions. The authors note that teacher training and the introduction of chess education programs in schools are particularly problematic. Among other things, it will be necessary to form additional competencies in school teachers.
The study showed that the chess course contributes to the all-round development of children, but the advisability of introducing the chess course into the compulsory curriculum of Russian general education schools for pupils of all ages is questioned, as it requires a special approach, specific procedures, and an individual approach to schoolchildren, their interests and abilities. The authors note that, given its obvious benefits for children, an additional compulsory chess lesson can be introduced in primary schools. But it should not replace the 3rd physical education lesson. And starting from the 5th grade, the chess course can be proposed as an elective one.

Keywords: chess, informational sports, chess training.


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