History of physical education and sport in Bunin's Yelets (mid XIX - early XX centuries)

PhD, Associate Professor A.A. Shakhov
Bunin Yelets State University, YelSU, Yelets

Objective of the study was to examine the history of origin and development of the sports sector in the town of Yelets in the mid XIX - early XX century.
Methods and structure of the study. The study is based on the analysis of the archival data, scientific literature and periodicals of the old Russia.
Results of the study and conclusions. Yelets is one of the most ancient towns of Russia, with its rich traditions in protection of the country, merchantry, and cottage industry. Physical education and sports have always occupied an important place in the life of the Yelets residents. The town of Yelets has been at the forefront of a number of sports such as trotting races, football, motorcycle sport, tennis, wrestling, etc. The prominent sports org-man G.I. Ribopier was found to be connected with Yelets.
The studies enabled the author to draw the following conclusions. The level of development of the physical education and sport sector in Yelets in the mid XIX - early XX century was quite high. The Yelets residents pioneered such sports as trotting races, football, motorcycle sport, tennis, wrestling, etc. In the pre-revolutionary period, a strong foundation was laid for the development of the physical education and sport sector, the groundwork for further qualitative transformations was laid. However, this sphere has remained the domain of a small group of educated, progressive and generally wealthy people. For most Russians, this part of the culture has remained incomprehensible.
There is a relatively high level of development of the physical education and sport sector in Yelets and pre-revolutionary Russia, on the one hand, and, on the other - a low level of involvement of most of the country’s citizens in these activities.

Keywords: I.A. Bunin, town of Yelets, physical education, sports.


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