System approach to normative support of technical regulation of sports facilities

Dr.Sc.Psych. V.B. Myakonkov1, 2
Yu.V. Shelyakova1
1Federal Scientific Center for Physical Culture and Sports, Moscow
2Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health, St. Petersburg

Objective of the study was to analyze and systematize technical regulatory documents in the field of physical culture and sports at the level of material and technical base (buildings and facilities for physical education and sports activities) to develop proposals for the improvement of the mechanism of technical regulation in this sector.
Methods and structure of the study. The following methods were applied during the study: analysis and systematization of technical regulatory documents in the field of engineering, construction, and operation of swimming pools; comparison; generalization of documents; analysis of practice in the application of normative documents on engineering and construction, as well as generalization and analysis of the domestic practice of operation of swimming pools.
Results of the study and conclusions. The modern collection of technical regulatory documents in the field of engineering and construction implies the use of a cross-sectional approach to the normative support system, where each block of norms has its scope of application. The entire system of normative support consists of a set of interrelated acts, which scope of application depends on the life cycle of the object of sport: capital facility (sports facilities engineering rulebook); operation facility (sports facilities operation rulebook); place of service (national service standards); processes and procedures of individual activities of the object, regulated by the internal documents developed by the managing (operating) organization (organization standards, regulations, provisions, procedures, etc.). Each stage of the life cycle of the object of sport requires appropriate normative acts.
The formation of the technical standards base should lead to the creation of a single set of normative documents for the sector that would center around a single subject of standardization and cover its various aspects.

Keywords: normative regulation and standardization, system of technical regulation, rulebook, national standards.


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