Coordination abilities building process in deaf sambo wrestlers

A.V. Zhalilov1
Dr.Hab., Associate Professor A.S. Makhov1
1Russian State Social University, Moscow

Keywords: coordination abilities, deaf wrestlers, training process.

With the purposeful development of coordination abilities, the ability of deaf Sambo wrestlers to maintain balance in many control exercises increases, which ultimately also allows them to successfully maintain a stand or an advantageous position in the fight during training bouts, which allows the wrestler to successfully conduct an attacking action (throw, unbalance) or successfully perform a defense (release from capture, leaving the hold).


  1. Zhalilov A.V. Method of Sambo wrestling classes with children 12-14 years old who have hearing disorders / A.V. zhalilov, A. S. Makhov // Scientific notes of the p. F. Lesgaft University. – 2017. – № 5 (147). – Pp. 45-50.