Sport orienteering in vocational training of geology students


PhD, Associate Professor S.P. Mikhailovsky1
M.M. Gromov1
A.I. Kovalenko1
1Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Saint-Petersburg

Objective of the study was to substantiate the use of the means and methods of sport orienteering during physical training of geology students as applied professional physical training customized to the peculiarities of professional activity of workers of the mineral resources sector of the Russian Federation.
Methods and structure of the study. The study was conducted on the basis of St. Petersburg State University from 2017 through 2019 and consisted of four stages.
Results of the study and conclusions. As a result of the research, a program was developed that provided for the formation of professionally significant competencies of geology students using sport orienteering tools. The program included three sections: program, training and evaluation ones.
The developed program formed the basis of the experiment, during which the students of the EG studied the elements of sport orienteering as a chosen sport within the framework of the discipline "Elective Physical Education and Sport Disciplines".
The revealed features of the geologists' labor activity enabled to select the means and methods of sport orienteering, which have an applied professional value for geology students of mineral resources universities, and substantiate the effectiveness of its use in the process of physical education.

Keywords: sport orienteering, applied professional physical training, physical education, students, geological exploration, professiogram.


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