Concept of numerical estimation of human psychophysical potential


PhD, Associate Professor O.V. Strizhakova1, 2
Dr. Biol., Professor V.A. Orlov2
1Moscow University for Industry and Finance “Synergy", Moscow
2State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

Objective of the study was to substantiate the concept of numerical estimation of significant integrative characteristics of a person based on the body indices measured by the formal tests.
Methods and structure of the study. For the study purposes, we applied the method of logical-theoretical analysis of man's basic qualities forming his psychophysical potential. The study was designed based on systemic and activity approaches. Alongside with that, we carried out a mass health examination in the period of 2002 through 2019 (with the participation of more than 750 thousand people) using the software and information complex "Health Navigator", statistical analysis of the database, and population survey; substantiated the methods of numerical estimation of the data obtained.
Study results and conclusions. The mass health examination conducted in the period of 2002 through 2019 (which involved more than 750 thousand people) using the software and information complex "Health Navigator" enabled us to identify the ranges of age-specific rates and substantiate the rating scales in terms of 18 indicators. Within the "Health Navigator" complex, the main focus was on the subjects' biomedical and mental states - the basis of human vital, mental and physical activities. The pooled data obtained at this stage were roughly equated to the data on the subjects' psychophysical potential. The final and more accurate assessment of man's psychophysical potential should be based on the valid quantification of the cultural and educational level and professional skills. The development of the scales to rate these properties and determination of their "share" in the assessment of the psychophysical potential of people of different age groups are still pending.
Therefore, mastering of the program of public psychophysical tests will help people to independently assess and develop own psychophysical qualities and functional reserves of physiological systems of the body, which will enable to protect the body from premature chronic diseases, maintain a high level of physical working capacity, creative longevity and life expectancy.

Keywords: psychophysical qualities of an individual, human psychophysical (activity) potential.


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