Pathophysiological features of myocarditis in athletes


PhD L.A. Simonyan
State University of Humanities and Social Studies, Kolomna, Moscow Region

Myocarditis is a non-ischemic inflammatory disease of the heart that can lead to heart dysfunctions and arrhythmias. The etiology of myocarditis is ambiguous, but among the causes of development are infectious, toxic and autoimmune lesions. During a pathophysiological study, it is inflammatory myocardial infiltration and necrosis that are primarily detected. Objective of the study was to theoretically substantiate the pathophysiological features of myocarditis in athletes, including as causes of sudden cardiac death (SCD). The author concludes that myocarditis is a risk factor for the development of SCD, especially in young people. Physical loads lead to an increase in the incidence of SCD in patients diagnosed with myocarditis. This is especially important for athletes, for whom physical loads in pre-season and season are the main component of their sports activity.

Keywords: myocarditis, pathophysiological features, athletes, heart, physical loads.


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