PE:ET №1-2013




M.M. Kovylin – Comparative ontokinesiological analysis of consolidated sociogram and cycling sportsgram 2

L.B. Shorokhova – Propaganda of physical culture and sport in formation of critical attitude of teenagers to certain subcultures 7

N.V. Moskvina – Individual features of communicative processes in sport 11


A.V. Nazarenko – Change in adaptive mechanisms within environmental deterioration 14

V.V. Britvina, I.E. Evgrafov, Z.V. Makarenko, N.V. Shabalina – Effect of resort-health tourism industry on country economy 17

M.A. Ovsyannikova, E.E. Bindusov – Estimation of effectiveness of university classes of physical education by level of effect on central nervous system of female students 21


N.G. Mikhaylov, M.A. Volkov – Ways of decrease of sickness rate of preschool children by means of physical culture 24

A.S. Filippov, A.A. Sergin – Development of coordinating abilities of junior schoolchildren on the lessons of physical culture with gymnastics orientation 29

D.A. Raevsky, A.V. Raevsky – Formation of motor readiness for teaching preschool children to swim 32

A.V. Chebotarev – Age features of development of physical quaities in preschool children 51

L.D. Nazarenko, I.N. Timoshina, L.A. Parfenova – Intersubject approach in physical education of schoolchildren with health deviations 53

«CHILDREN’S TRAINER» – journal in journal

D.S. Alkhasov – System of teaching technique of martial arts on initial training stage 34

G,V. Barchukova, Ho Man Cheng – Criteria of selection of children in vietnamese ping-pong sports schools 36

E.T. Kolunin – The use of gymnastics exercises in physical training of 8-9-year-old hockey-players 39

V.A. Blinov, V.V. Plotnikov – The role of technical-tactical actions in training of hockey-players on stage of profound specialization 42

Din' Hung Chiong – Dynamics of mental qualities of 8-10-year-old children due to the factor of initial tennis occupations 46


M.V. Kurnikova, V.A. Orinchuk, E.N. Fomicheva – Scenario of sports festival for handicapped persons of various

nosological groups 60

V.V. Uighurov, V.G. Torgovkin – Social adaptation of hearing-impaired by means of freestyle wrestling (case study of Sakha republic-yakutia) 64

A.I. Petkevich, A.A. Bruykov – The use of dynamic electroneurosimulation in integrated rehabilitation of children of infantile cerebral paralysis 68


N.V. Logachev – Analysis of effectiveness of system of training experts in physical culture and sport based on principles of problem-based learning 71

S.S. Gorbunov – Introduction of innovative model of teaching skiing technique into educative process 74


S.V. Shvets – Fitness as a challenge of modern age 77


D.A. Gladyshev, A.V. Vishnyakov – Methods conditions of coordination training of junior sprinters 6

Yu.N. Krupen’kina, V.N. Chernova – Health-improving and developing technique of physical education based on increase of motivation to occupations of physical culture and sport of 12-15-Year-old schoolchildren 10

S.A. Filin, A.P. Strizhak – Motor-coordination training of 10-12-year-old junior sambokas on stage of initial sports specialization 13

I.V. Retyunskiy, V.V. Ponomarev – Organizational-pedagogical conditions of amateur swimming instructors among university students within general course on the subject of «Physical culture» 20

O.A. Breykina, L.E. Pakhomova – Integration of general conditioning and professionally-applied orientations in physical education of medical students 23

G.V. Belova – Integration of Olympic education and club movements to Perm regional comprehensive school system 28

E.N. Dvorkina, V.V. Ponomarev – Design of sports-recreational technology in physical education of female university students 31

M.A. Afonin, T.V. Mikhaylova – Phased formation of motor skills of close fight in junior athletes 38

D.S. Bovt – Stimulated development of physical qualities of junior judokas based on game method on the stage of initial sports training 45

D.G. Radchenko, V.V. Ponomarev – Pedagogical conditions of formation of vocationally-applied physical training of students of forest engineering faculty within university physical education 76

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