Personal physical culture development pathway based on health passport


O.V. Korotaeva
Murmansk Arctic State University, Murmansk

Objective of the study was to substantiate the e-learning course "Health Passport", developed in the modular object-oriented dynamic environment LMS Moodle, and its impact on students’ personal physical culture development pathway. The educational experiment was conducted at the premises of MSHU. The Reference Group students were trained under the traditional academic physical education curriculum developed at the department of physical education, sports and life safety of the university. In the Experimental Group, the training algorithm was developed as follows: study of the theoretical section of the e-learning course, registration of own physical fitness rates (when hitting the control standards), analysis of own results, application in the process of training of various types of physical activity designed specifically for the e-learning course "Health Passport" in LMS Moodle. To determine the level of development of personal physical culture, we proposed a classifier based on which the motivational-value, operational, and cognitive components were singled out.
The findings testified to the effective development of components of personal physical culture.

Keywords: students, health and fitness service, components of personal physical culture, LMS Moodle.


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