Modern trends in development of women's freestyle wrestling in Russia


Dr.Hab., Professor B.I. Tarakanov1
Dr.Hab., Professor R.N. Apoyko1
PhD, Professor S.I. Petrov1
Postgraduate student N.V. Vorobyeva1
Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health, St. Petersburg

The constant striving of women to stand toe to toe with men and heightened activity of feminist organizations in the middle of the 20th century in all spheres of public life, including sports, resulted in the assimilation by women of various types of sports activities, including wrestling. The article is devoted to the results of a retrospective analysis and current trends in the development of female freestyle wrestling in Russia. It shows the dynamics of sporting achievements of domestic female wrestlers at world championships and the Olympic Games in a non-random manner. It was found that at the world championships of the 90s of the last century the Russian athletes invariably ranked among the prizewinners in the team standings, but then their results began to gradually decrease and reached a critical level. This is due to the permanent errors in the athletic training process planning, the traditional use of training tools and methods typically applied to male wrestlers, the predominant use of extreme training tools in large volumes, which in many cases leads to a decrease in working capacity of female athletes, overfatigue, overtraining, injuries rather than an increase in their sports results. In this view, it is proposed to implement a wide range of organizational and educational actions in order to increase the effectiveness of the training for highly-skilled female wrestlers.

Keywords: trend, women's freestyle wrestling, analysis, championship, medal, team standings, result, Olympic Games.


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