Competitive performance results of leading national teams in major international armrestling competitions


PhD, Associate Professor I.N. Nikulin1
Dr.Hab., Professor F.I. Sobyanin1
PhD, Associate Professor A.V. Posokhov1
V.A. Maksimenko1
1Belgorod State National Research University, Belgorod

Sports results are a specific integrated product of competitive activity - a criterion for their measurement and evaluation. We analyzed the competitive performance results of the national teams of Russia and its competitors at the world armwrestling championships in 2014-2018. The analysis revealed the world’s top national armwrestling teams: men’s, women’s, and in the overall standing. We studied the dynamics of the number of prizes won by the top three countries - leaders of the team classification: among females - Russia, Kazakhstan, and Sweden; among males - Russia, Georgia, and Kazakhstan; in the overall standing - Russia, Kazakhstan, and Georgia. The most pronounced positive dynamics of sports results demonstrated for five years was observed among the national teams of Kazakhstan and Georgia, being the main rivals of Russia at the world championships in recent years. The Ukrainian national team demonstrated the greatest negative dynamics in 2018 as opposed to 2014. In 2017, the Russian team conceded to Kazakhstan by the number of medals won by women. In 2016, the Russian team conceded to Georgia by the number of medals won by men. In 2018, the Kazakhstan men's national team surpassed those of Russia and Georgia by the total number of medals.

Keywords: armwrestling, international competitions, world championships, medal standings, prizes.


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