Values-based education as a tool in the fight against doping (case study of the USA)


A.A. Antseliovich1
D.Yu. Chernous1
V.V. Loginova2
PhD K.A. Badrak3
1Federal Research Center for Physical Culture and Sports (FRS VNIIIFK)
2Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, Moscow
3St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture, St. Petersburg

In recent years, the problem of doping in sports has been one of the most discussed ones in world sports. The study of international expertise in the prevention of substances and methods prohibited for use in sports and the anti-doping measures is especially important for the Russian Federation and one of the most important directions of development of the modern sport science.
The article considers the problem of development of zero tolerance to doping in athletes from a young age. The value-based educational program of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) TrueSpor, aimed to form an ethical approach to sports, within the framework of which athletes make a conscious choice to fight honestly and abandon the idea of using prohibited substances and methods is considered as a successful example of the program implementation. The TrueSport program was launched in 2012. Its target audience included sporting children and adolescents (10-20 years), as well as their trainers and parents. This program helps young athletes to acquire the skills and values that are necessary to achieve sports results, and help trainers and parents to form a value-based approach. The article concludes that the value-based educational program USADA TrueSport is an example of successful educational work in sports community and can be used as a model to be implemented in other countries depending on national peculiarities.

Keywords: doping, USA, TrueSport, USADA, anti-doping educational programs.


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