Hemodynamic features of adaptation to physical loads in female athletes of different age groups


PhD, Associate Professor V.V. Apokin1
PhD, Associate Professor A.A. Povzun1
Dr.Hab., Professor V.D. Povzun1
1Surgut State University, Surgut

The article is devoted to the analysis of the types of cardiovascular response to physical loads among female athletes of different ages and skill levels in terms of the zone time offset.
The comparison of the effects of physical loads on the circulatory system of the females of different age showed that they differ significantly depending on the zone time offset. Thus, in the junior group, no significant features of the response to the flight state were observed, neither there was a pronounced hemodynamic reaction to the load. The physical loads on their body do not require inclusion of additional compensatory mechanisms and, we believe, there is no reason to change the direction of the regulatory vector. Instead, the group of masters was found to have a pronounced regulatory shift towards sympathicotonia, and a shift of hemodynamic load towards the heart. This suggests that all the changes in the hemodynamic system result from the urgent adaptation of the autonomic regulation system. Awareness of this feature of adaptation will help improve athletic performance in elite sports and reduce the negative impact of intense physical loads on the body of athletes.

Keywords: physical loads, cardiovascular system, adaptive capabilities.


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