Healthy lifestyle cultivation specifics in university student communities



PhD, Associate Professor G.S. Titova
Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE), Moscow

The features of the healthy lifestyle cultivation process among students are considered. The results of the study are presented to identify indicators of self-esteem of students' health status, physical-health-improving activity of young people, as well as the formation of ideas about a healthy lifestyle. The sociological survey was attended by students of Russian University of Transport and the National Research University of the Higher School of Economics. Subject to study were 507 respondents, including 248 young males and 259 girls. The survey results showed that modern realities do not contribute to the formation of proper motivation among young people for a healthy lifestyle. Young people in their approach to their own health are guided at best by a precautionary strategy. At the same time, they do not attach much importance to issues related to the formation of a healthy lifestyle, which requires considerable volitional efforts. One of the possible reasons for the insufficient orientation of students to a healthy lifestyle is that physical education in educational institutions is oriented towards standard general physical training without taking into account the individual-value orientations of students in physical education. The authors conclude that the effectiveness of the healthy lifestyle cultivation process among students can be ensured by the implementation of general and private pedagogical conditions for the social education of young people as a multi-level dynamic system that ensures the focus of individual efforts in maintaining and strengthening individual health, and forms a healthy lifestyle culture.

Keywords: healthy lifestyle, physical education, health, health and fitness activities, students.


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