Foreign university students’ social adaptation: integrated rating tests



Applicant E.D. Koval1
PhD, Associate Professor E.E. Perepelitsa1
Dr.Hab., Professor V.G. Tyutyukov1
1Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok

Upon admission to a foreign university, a student finds himself in a completely unusual social and cultural environment of a foreign state. The process of adaptation of foreign students to a different “living environment” is associated with the solution of many problems: the need to establish new social contacts; overcoming the language barrier; the search for ways of self-realization in the new society and integration in it; getting rid of the stereotypical perception of representatives of another culture; development of a tolerant attitude towards participants in intercultural communication and interaction; overcoming cultural shock, as well as adapting to the values ​​of the new community. All of the above necessitated the creation of a comprehensive system for assessing the social adaptation of foreign students at a university. The system included the following groups of indicators: educational (academic performance and student expulsion), intercultural (aesthetic tolerance, sociability, level of individual adaptation to the socio-cultural environment), psychological (mental activation, interest, emotional tone, tension, comfort) and health (physical health, development of physical abilities, incidence). An analysis of these indicators made it possible to establish the type of adaptation of foreign students: regressive, passive and effective. This system was applied to assess the social adaptation of foreign students studying at the Far Eastern Federal University. The study involved 60 first-year students from China.

Keywords: foreign students, program for social adaptation of foreign students at university, grading system, criteria and indicators.


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