Benefits of sanogenetic concept for athletic performance rehabilitation purposes


Dr.Med., Professor O.V. Leontiev1
Dr.Med., Professor P.V. Rodichkin2
PhD A.M. Fokin2
1Nikiforov Russian Center of Emergency and Radiation Medicine (EMERCOM of Russia), St. Petersburg
2Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, St. Petersburg

Sanogenetic approach to health issues has expanded our understanding of the health protection technologies. The sanogenetic approach implies the efforts to harmonize the natural physiological responses critical for the athletic performance; protect health and secure athletic longevity, with a special consideration given to the bodily intersystem links and their complex. The study analyzes the idea of a universal rehabilitative sanogenetic approach-driven training model application in sports. Sampled for the Experimental Group were the 27-32 year-old male athletes (n=37) qualified Class I to WCMS, with the 8-25-years-long records in track and field sports. All of them were diagnosed with autonomic dysfunctions (fatigue, vegetative lability, intellectual mnestic dysfunctions, palpitations and astheno-neurotic states under mental/emotional stresses). Sampled for the Reference Group were the 24-33 year-olds (n=22) free of vegetative dysfunctions.
Standard rehabilitation methods under the study (daily regimen, diet, psychotherapy, special physical practices) were complemented by alpha-capsule trainings with varied-intensity sensor impulses to control the physical and mental processes; dosed hyperthermia, aromatherapy, vibration, chromotherapy, as well as complex sanogenetic effects – to offer effective combined health correction, relaxation, weight control, pre-massage, detoxification, sleep improvement and stress programs.
The new universal rehabilitative sanogenetic approach-driven training model was found beneficial as verified by the meaningful progress of the Experimental Group in the autonomic control to reach the healthy autonomic dysfunction levels.

Keywords: sanogenesis, autonomic dysfunction.


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