Stress/ interference tolerance rating in aesthetic group gymnastics



PhD I.S. Semibratova
Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health, St. Petersburg

The study was designed to rate stress tolerance in aesthetic group gymnastics versus the individual stress control types. The study found correlation of the individual stress tolerance with the interference tolerance and error rates in trainings and competitions. Subject to the tests under the study were 4 aesthetic gymnastics groups (n=24) qualified Masters of Sport; with surveys and tests run in the regular and precompetitive training periods.
The study data and analyses found the stress tolerance rates in the sample being fairly high albeit some room for progress was still found in the interference tolerance related aspects, regardless of the individual emotional qualities and temperaments. It was further found that the choleric and melancholic subjects shall make a special emphasis in trainings on the typical distracters that occur in the aesthetic group gymnastics competitions. The study also found a direct correlation of the stress tolerance rates with the interference tolerance and competitive error rates. We tested the phlegmatic subjects in the sample with the highest stress/ interference tolerance rates that still have some room for progress and, hence, need to be addressed and developed for success.

Keywords: interference tolerance, stress tolerance, sport, competitions, artistic gymnastics, aesthetic group gymnastics.


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