Academic team sports to improve general endurance in students



Associate Professor, PhD G.M. Perova1
Associate Professor, PhD A.V. Nechaev1
Associate Professor, PhD I.A. Kovacheva1
1State University of Humanities and Social Studies, Kolomna, Moscow region

Presently the national academic education and cultural system faces some challenges in terms of the young specialists’ physical fitness that need to be high enough for effective and efficient service driven by the competences acquired at the university. The job-specific requirements more often than not imply reasonably high general physical fitness and mental control standards. The article analyzes promises of academic team sports for the initiatives to improve the general endurance in female university students, based on experimental data. Objective of the study was to rate benefits of the general endurance prioritizing academic physical education team sports, with women’s football taken for the case study. For the purposes of the study we formed Experimental (EG) and Reference (RG) Groups of the 1-year students virtually equally fit as verified by the primary physicality tests. The yearly experiment showed benefits of the training model as verified by the EG progress in the general endurance tests. It was also found that progress in some physical quality normally improves a few other qualities in the academic trainings. 

Keywords: physical qualities, female students, football, endurance, physical fitness.


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