Physical education specialist distance training model: case study of gymnastics basics course

Physical education specialist distance training model: case study of gymnastics basics course


PhD, Associate Professor P.G. Bordovsky
Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health, St. Petersburg

Applicability and practical benefits of modern distance educational technologies in sport pedagogy looked rather questionable for many experts only a few years ago – for it was unclear how the modern virtual education tools may be used to master practical technical skills – in contrast to the theoretical knowledge presentable and digestible in textual learning materials with the academic progress tests. In case of a remote education technology, the practical training methods and education skills tests were long not that obvious. Many teachers had considered benefits of the distance education problematic till one of the students uploaded videos of the practical Physical Education lessons he run during his practical probation course at a school, for assessment by the examination commission. It had become obvious since then that such video replays and real-time video-lessons may be efficiently applied in the education specialist training and competency testing processes. Objective of the study was to rate benefits of the video Physical Education model benefits, with a gymnastics basics course at P.F. Lesgaft Saint Petersburg National State University taken for the case study.

Keywords: video materials, distance education, education environment, educational process, teaching skills, Physical Education specialist education.


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