Lapta game as motivator for academic physical education service at technical university


Dr.Hab., Professor A.Yu. Kostarev1
PhD, Associate Professor A.V. Greb1
PhD, Associate Professor N.A. Krasulina1
1Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, Ufa

The study analyzes benefits of the national lapta game for the physical education service in the academic educational system of the fuel-and-energy sector. Experimental course of the lapta game was run at Ufa State Petroleum Technological University for the purposes of the study in September 2017 through April 2018. Sampled for the experimental course were the first-year full-course students from a few departments (Oil Production Department; Technological Department; Production Automation Sub-department; and Piping Systems Sub-department). The course included a theoretical module and practical game basics mastering module within the Applied physical education curriculum. The experiment showed progress in the students’ motivations for physical education in the following three domains: (1) physical domain, since physical progress is critical for success in the game; (2) emotional control and volitional domain, since the game generates great emotions and satisfaction with the physical education service and peer communication; and (3) cognitive domain, with the growing interest in the habitual trainings and competitions – to facilitate further progress in the physical fitness. The study data and analyses showed benefits of the lapta game as an efficient motivator for the academic physical education and physical progress.

Keywords: physical education, lapta, physical progress tool, physical activity, motivation, physical education curriculum..


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